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A Resolution You Should Keep: Engage Your Donors Differently in 2015

Post-It notes spelling out New Year resolutions.

Eat better and drink less…Travel to new places…Spend more time on that hobby…Read more and work smarter…We've all got our New Year’s resolutions, and two weeks into 2015, many of us are still full of bright-eyed optimism that we'll stick to 'em!

Have you made any resolutions for your nonprofit? January is a great time to rethink how you work, especially how you communicate with your supporters. Many of you are still feeling the joy of wildly successful year-end fundraising campaigns and a productive #GivingTuesday. Before you dig into your next set of appeals, use these few weeks to take stock and consider what you can do differently in the new year to engage your donors.

Here are three reasons why you should resolve to treat your donors better in 2015:

  1. Communicating with people who already know and support you is less expensive than reaching new prospects and convincing them to donate to your organization. Read more about why donor retention matters.
  2. Doubling your donor retention rate can lead to a six-fold increase in the number of people who give and the amount you raise. Read more about the relationship between gift frequency and donations.
  3. Saying thank you, reporting back, and giving your donors actions they can take beyond making a gift will more deeply connect them to your mission. Read more about ways to show your donors some love.
Farra Trompeter

Want to learn more about how to build better relationships with your donors? Join me on Thursday, January 22, for an interactive Foundation Center webinar, in which we’ll talk about how your nonprofit organization can move From Year-End Fundraising to Year-Round Engagement.

What are your 2015 fundraising resolutions? Tell us in our Comments area.

Farra Trompeter is vice president of Big Duck, a Brooklyn-based communications firm that works exclusively with nonprofits.

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